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Quick Start Guide to Godot 3.1 on Windows 10 using C# & Jetbrains Rider

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Godot 3.1 was recently released and now is a good time to get more people trying it out. This version of godot makes it even easier to get up and running because it takes less work and this quick start is going to be an introductory guide on helping you do just that.

This guide expects you to understand how to install software, and a mild understanding of your editorial software/ide. For this quick start we’ll be using Jetbrains Rider, but the default preferred editor is Visual Studio Code because it’s just as easy to setup remote debugging with the mono runtime. You can use my guide here if you prefer to use Visual Studio Code. Then come back to this tutorial and we can get started.


  • Godot 3.1
  • MSBuild (via Visual Studio/Visual Studio Tools/Mono)

Godot 3.1 is more streamlined than before, requires less to get started. First and foremost it’s recommended that you download the latest godot stable from the website. Make sure you’re using the version listed under Mono version and install (move) it to your preferred folder location and create a shortcut of the exe if necessary. (note: the steam version does not include the mono build, I’m sure there will be a mono version released sometime in the future on steam)

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Getting Visual Studio Code & Godot 3.0 Mono working on Windows

When working with godot 3.0 and the C# api you may want to have some intellisense support. Well, lately there’s been some confusion on how to properly get that working and I’m going to help you get started in a few easy steps.


Download & install the following

Now Omnisharp requires Windows 8 (.NET 4.5) SDK or the intellisense will not work.  Some people may already have this installed, some may not, but if intellisense doesn’t work this is one of the root causes on why it’s not working.

Gotcha: If your project name has spaces then omnisharp may not pick up the project and you’ll need to remove the spaces from your project name and files. Rule of thumb: never have spaces in your project name or filenames, it’ll probably cause more problems than it should.)

Get Coding

Once you’ve built your project, by either pressing the start scene icon or manually building from the mono tab at the bottom of your editor, open the project folder inside visual studio code. Now you should test the intellisense by typing GD.P to see if GD.Print auto-completes. If it auto-completes the godot method then you’ve successfully setup visual studio code to work on your godot 3 C# projects!

Happy Deving