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IdiotCoder is a new programming development/learning blog.  I’ve currently been a PHP developer for about 10 years now and I’ve decided that in order for me to grow as a programmer I need to move on from web development and go full forced into software and game development.  Web development has always been a passion and career of mine, but I’ve always wanted to be a game developer ever since I got into programming.  There’s a lot about programming that I don’t understand in languages such as C/C++, C# and Java, but there’s a lot I’ve tinkered with over the years while experimenting with those languages and others such as Kotlin, Nim, Go, Crystal and probably many more that have made me a better PHP developer.

I’ve learned that learning other languages can teach you how to think outside the box because each language has many different approaches and tools as well as limitations that other languages might not have like being functional only language or being class only language. You have to respect those limitations of what you have to solve those problems.

With that said you’ll see a lot of “no shit sherlock” posts which could be as simple as a few lines or longer thought out posts discussing or describing a finding while learning a language or parts of many languages.  I’m going to focus my efforts on posting things I had a hard time researching and finding a direct answer to so others can find that answer in a direct manner rather than a lot of articles beating around the bush on how something works.  That’s the true goal of this blog.  A learning experience for me and a reference for newer developers going through the same thing.