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Building Android Templates For your Godot C# (Mono) Project on Linux

Hi so this tutorial is going to be very precise, no shortcuts and it expects that you know how to use linux terminal and build things from command. When you’re building, you might see warnings which can be ignored, sometimes you may see an error and if rerunning the scons build doesn’t fix that error that means you either did something wrong or there is an issue that needs to be solved and it’s best to report it on the godot github issue tracker.


  • Terminal (because you’ll be doing all this from terminal)
  • Python 2.7 or 3 (not sure if it matters, as long as scons runs)
  • Scons 3.0
  • Git
  • Android Studio (For installing SDK AND NDK-Bundle AND cmake)
  • Mono (I’m using 6.0.0 stable – editor & templates must be built from the same mono version and exporting must use the same mono version) [install specific version of mono]
  • Java (OpenJDK 1.8) [Scroll down to ‘Installing Specific Versions of OpenJDK‘ and follow those steps]
  • Distro specific one liners [to save you some time this will trying to install every build requirement such scons, libx11-develop, etc..]

Make sure you setup all these requirements first or you’ll end up being told what tools you’re missing when trying to build.

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[FIX] Datagrip could not verify ssh-rsa host with fingerprint to Vagrant

So you’ve upgraded your datagrip or tools license and now want to use all the new fancy changes in the latest version of your database manager; and then you find out that you can no longer connect to your vagrant server? Well I have a solution for you.

Check your ~/.ssh/known_hosts (or c:/Users/USERNAME/.ssh/known_hosts) file on your development pc (not your VM) and you should find any entries regarding or []::2222 which are the default hosts for vagrant.

Remove those then try reconnecting and you should be good to go.

Hope that helps!